About Us

A joyful hello to you! 
My name is Don Black, I am the owner of Joyful Bubbles. Thank you for visiting our website. 
This journey to come to where we are was an adventurous one to say the least. What started out as a hobby grew into a year round, full time business for my family. Our love of bubbles and what they bring to all is why we do what we do. As I said it was a hobby starting back in 2015. We had such a wonderful reaction from all that were around us while we filled the air with love and joy. So, we started to provide our bubbles at local events, providing interactive bubble play and also us performing our special wands throughout the event for those to enjoy. We were happy. 
In the fall of 2016 my wife Margaret was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. It was devastating news that blindsided us. Moving forward with treatment and having to adjust our lives with our two sons to maximize our time together, my beautiful wife said to me, time to make the bubbles our business. Joyful Bubbles was born! We dedicated ourselves to becoming a part of every and any event. Who would have thought that three years later we would be traveling across the country doing festivals and spreading our joy, becoming involved in numerous local events year after year.
Unfortunately, Margaret lost her battle in April of 2019. In her spirit and in her honor we continue to cover the lands with peace, love, harmony and joy. If it wasn't for her vision, Joyful Bubbles would not be what it is.
Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We only wish peace and happiness to all. 
Don Black; Joyful Owner